Frequently Asked Questions

Pressed wedding flowers


Are the Flowers actually real flowers? 

You bet they are! We have truly mastered the ancient art form of flower pressing. A craft that was cherished during the Victorian era and now making a popular reappearance over 100 years later. By removing the moisture from our hand-picked flowers, their life can be greatly extended, allowing you to enjoy the summer blooms all year round and bring a slice of the outside in!

Will there be a discouloration to the pressed flowers over time?

Ultimately, all pressed flowers and leaves will fade over time. However, with our methods, this should not happen for at least a few years. Flower pressing is also not just about preserving the colour as much as it is about preserving the natural shape and structure of the flowers. To prolong the natural colour of the framed pressed flowers, do not display the frame in direct sunlight as the UV light from the sun will fade the flowers at a much quicker rate.

Do Flowers Afloat ship internationally? 

We sure do! In fact, we are that passionate about sharing our artwork with the world that we offer subsidised international shipping rates and have already posted out to many countries throughout Europe and several states in the US.

How long do your products take to be delivered?

Almost every frame at Flowers Afloat is made to order for the individual. We have a fulfillment time of around 1-3 days and then your pressed flower art will be posted out to you using Royal Mail first class delivery. Most frames will as such be delivered within 3-5 working days from purchase. As for international orders, you can expect to see your pressed flower frame within 7-10 working days no matter where you are in the world.

Can i ask for specific flowers in my frame?


Absolutely! At Flowers Afloat, we have a large collection of fresh pressed wildflowers. So, if you have something in mind then please do reach out to us and we will work together to craft whatever you can see in your head. Please note that some flowers may not be available due to the current season or due to the flower consisting of too much water making them near impossible to press, such as lilies.